Mission Statement.

Risc Consultants was established as a specialist security training organisation by former British Special Forces personnel in 2005 and have achieved many milestones over these years. From Olympic Games London and Rio to designing and implementing counter terrorism and intelligence solutions for governments within Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia to name a few. We design, develop and deliver mainstream training solutions incorporating many thousands of students and also provided tailor made one off courses specifically designed to combat our clients’ bespoke needs. Our turnkey solutions which we implement globally to Governments, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, military and the private sector are the cutting edge of modern intelligence and counter terrorism training solutions.

Current ongoing development in these cities.

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Key Figures:

Ian Rutherford

Ian Rutherford                                                 

Ian has over 20 years experience in designing and implementing integrated security-related training and development solutions for Governments, military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and private sectors globally.

Ian’s professional career began in the early 1990’s with the establishment of the NGS Group in London, a business focused on improving the professional standards and quality of workforce training within business security operations. Having become a member of the Portman Group Steering Committee, Ian was responsible for developing and implementing policy, procedure and strategies for UK security training in 2002 and which subsequently became the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Ian left the NGS Group as its CEO in 2005 having established a multi-million pound corporate organisation.

Ian then established Risc Consultants Ltd in 2005, aimed at the design and development of specialist blended training solutions for specific public and private sector requirements, including the provision of classroom and online based Counter Terrorism, Counter Radicalization and Cyber Security programmes. Ian was subsequently selected (contracted) in 2010 to develop a unique Counter Terrorism Awareness programme on behalf of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2012 London Olympic Games – a programme which was successfully delivered over a two year period to 8000 security and military and law enforcement personnel working at the Olympic Park, Stratford, London. Ian went on to run the same programme for the IOC for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with the additional responsibility to develop required open source intelligence/cyber security programmes for law enforcement personnel in Brazil pre-the Olympic Games.

Today, Ian is primarily involved in the ongoing provision of technical cyber security and open source intelligence (OSINT) training solutions for a multiple organisations, jurisdictions and Governments globally. This includes the undertaking of specialist cybersecurity assignments in support of the European Union (EU), specifically, the design and implementation of cybersecurity/OSINT programmes in the Middle East and North Africa on behalf of the European Policing Agency (CEPOL).

Justin Leary

Justin Leary

Justin is an experienced individual with 11 years service as a police officer within the Metropolitan Police Service and 5 years in the private sector. During his policing career Justin took on management roles within the Intelligence Bureau focusing on telecommunications intelligence and open source intelligence. As a trained OSINT researcher Justin was tactical project lead for a business change programed aimed at improving organizational capabilities with regard to social media analaytics and open source research ahead of and during the 2012 London Olympics.

On leaving the Police Service Justin joined an SME start up company that provides open source and social media data harvesting and analytical software designed specifically for law enforcement and public sector practitioners. Justin performed a wide variety of duties while in this role including pre sales, application training, and account management across a global client base.

For more than five years Justin has provided bespoke Open Source Intelligence researcher training globally to law enforcement and governmental bodies. Whilst generally made bespoke, a typical course includes foundation training on the World Wide Web, surface web, and dark net. Open Source tools of the trade. Social Media awareness, and the opportunities for exploitation of information available through open source research and analysis. Training course delivery consists of hands on approach to support lesson objectives, and provides students with practical skills and take aways relevant to their role. Learning is achieved via a mix of classroom based tutorials, student activities, and real world practical exercises. This training as been delivered on behalf of a number of donors including the National Crime Agency and the European College of Policing CEPOL.

Risc Consultants Ltd History.

Present Day:
Operating globally, designing and facilitating numerous training workshops in the thematic fields of Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Training.

2012 – 2017:
Risc designed training solutions for the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK, where we delivered to 4000 delegates. Designed new optimised e-learning training academy where the academy specialises in Counter Terrorism Awareness, Travel Safety Awareness, Radicalisation and Open Source Intelligence. Implemented counter terrorism and intelligence training programmes for the IOC Olympic Committee at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

2010 – 2012:
Risc developed and implemented the Counter Terrorism Awareness Training programme for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Also designed Traffic Management Programmes, Conflict Management and 1st Aid training solutions for the security and law enforcement at the 2012 Olympic Games.

2005 – 2010
Risc operated a national security contact where we employed over 300 security personnel on a daily basis throughout the UK as well as working extensively in USA, Australia, South Pacific, South East Asia and the Middle East.