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Risc Consultants can provide advice across the security sector to support strategic goals. Our proven track record has been re-enforced by values of proportionality, integrity and pragmatism, and is supported by detailed research from our teams. Our consultants have extensive backgrounds in governmental departments, intelligence agencies, military, law enforcement and the private security sector. This ensures the relevant experience with our subject matter experts when consulting to clients on all levels of the consultancy process.

Since 2015 Risc Consultants has consulted, designed and developed solutions within the counter terrorism and intelligence sectors in the following countries:
Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Caribbean, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon and Turkey to name a few.


Our brokerage services ensure an appropriate risk analysis and due diligence process is made on all parties before we can commence our brokerage services. Risc Consultants has many years experience of brokering deals internationally and possess a vast array of contacts, agents and corporate companies who Risc have collaborated globally with over the years. We ensure that all the correct processes are implemented and that the solution is legally compliant and within your budget.