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As a global intelligence and security consultanancy, Risc Consultants brings to bear decades of senior executive experience in intelligence, national security, design, development and delivering of training solutions. Our clients include international government agencies, law enforcement, military, companies involved in a broad range of national security issues (intelligence, defense, homeland security) as well as private sector security corporations interested in improving their capabilities.

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Risc Consultants are Matrix accredited and are a Registered Training Provider which allows access to tender directly for EU and Government funding for training courses.

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Risc Consultants offer a wide range of courses, please click the links to explore more into each category:

Risc has developed this unique online training programme which can be undertaken at the candidates leisure. This course is suitable for analysts, investigators, law enforcement, private security, close protection operations and HR due diligence checking.

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This ‘hands on’ two day social media intelligence course is open to anyone who is tasked with making best use of online user generated information.
Cyber Security defines a set of controls which, when properly implemented, will provide organisations with basic protection from the prevalent forms of threats coming from the internet identifying various malawares, password security, social engineering, phishing etc.


Risc offers a variety of counter terrorism training programmes. Here are some of the fully accredited training solutions that we offer:


Risc offers a variety of travel safety training courses for executives, females and backpackers. There are 3 standalone separate training programmes which incorporate some of the threats that you could possibly face whilst traveling overseas.
Here are some of the courses that we offer:


E-learning Platforms

Risc Consultants have launched a unique digital training solution delivery structure where organisations have their own digital learning training platform personalised to their own company. Staff are able to upskill at their own pace and convenience whilst ensuring that their CPD is updated and your best practice and duty of care has been provided.

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